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Membership: Conditions & Procedures
There are three types of Membership:

  1. Working membership:
    • A member must have a bachelor degree or its equivalent in Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology
    • A member shall pay the annual fees.
    • Any other conditions the board of directors may suggest.
    • The board of directors may issue a decision for a member to join.
  2. Honorary membership:
    • A decision of the General Assembly may honor a membership to those who have contributed in developing areas of interest to the Society, donated financially or provided services to the Society. An honorary member is waived from membership fees and can attend and participate in the general assemblies and the different committees.
  3. Associate membership:
  • Undergraduate students of speech-language pathology and audiology.
  • Those who are working in or interested in the field of the society but do not hold the required degree.
  • The Associate member is exempt from 50% of the annual fees.
  • The Associate member may attend the sessions of the General Assembly and the meetings of the various committees of the Society and he/she may take part in the discussions but may not vote.
    Membership Fees
    • The annual fee shall be SR 200 paid each year.
    • The annual fee shall be reduced to a half for affiliated members and students.
    • The Board of Directors has the right to change membership fees without approval of the general assembly.

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