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Identification of membership:
Membership is affiliation of the members to the association to get benefit of its activities and programs and to participate in the activities and comply with its regulations and discipline
Types of membership
1. Working membership with the following conditions:
  • The student of membership has scientific degree or equal that in the field of physiotherapy.

  • Payment the fee of annual participation.

  • Undergo the conditions of administrative board.

  • To receive approval decision of administrative board.

2. Honor Membership
It was granted by decision of general association to who participate in development the interests of the association or who provide financial services or intellectual support for association. The member of honest is free from payment the amount of participation and he is permitted to attend session of the association and its various committee and participation in discussion.

3. Membership of affiliation

  • The one who enjoy with that:
  • University students who study the same specialization of the Association.
  • The subordinates of the Association who have not the scientific qualification determine as condition to join the Association.
The affiliation members are free form 50% of the amount of annual participation. He is authorized to attend the session of General Association and its committees and participation in discussion but he has not the right to vote.
The fee of annual membership
The fee can collected as the following categories:

  • (300) Saudi Riyal for the working members.
  • (100) Saudi Riyal for affiliation members.

The procedures application and checking them
  • Those who want to join the membership of the Association from the individual or organizations have to full the form related to that and provide it with the documents to the chairman of membership's affairs.

  • The committee check and evaluate the applications as per the previous terms and forward approved applications with recommendation to the board to take action regarding accepting them to join the membership.

  • The committee of membership's affairs to process the executive procedures and to notify the approved members and to provide them with membership cards.

The characteristic of membership
  • Obtaining the membership card to the individual and the certificate of membership for authorities and companies.

  • Obtaining the issues of the association as books, researches and studies.

  • Make use of the books, references, publication, and periodical of the library of association.

  • Obtaining the technical consultants form the Association.

  • Participation in the activities of the Association as periodicals, symposium, and scientific meetings.

  • Participation in annual meeting which Association for its members arranges.

  • Giving the chance to the member to attend the symposiums, internal courses related to physiotherapy in case of the member is nominated by administrative board of the association.

  • Giving the chance to acquaintance, meeting and exchange the information with specializations and interested people with physiotherapy.

Membership application form
To get the membership:
1. Download the PDF. File on you PC.
2. Print the form.
3. Fill it.
4. Attach with the form a copy of:
  • Deposit Bank.
  • Your Certificate.
  • I.D or Iqama.
5. Send all to the fax number available in the application form.

To Download The application form  you must have Adobe Acrobat® ReaderTM
if you don't have the program you can download it from down here
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