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Social Committee:

Head: Muneera Almurdi

Speech members:
Alhanouf Almoammer - Manal Alfakri

Physio Members:
Arwa Alnughaimshi - Gamra Alqahtani - Afaf Shaheen - Jehan Shakir

Student Activities

1-      Geriatric day entitled "  يوم البر " held by level 7 students under the supervision of Dr. Salwa Alsobkey in December 2009.

2-      Lecture on "early intervention in communication and swallowing disorders" conducted by Mrs. Hayat Al-Sagabi and Sheikha Al-Qerain under the supervision and organization of the ministry of social affairs in addition to an exhibition held by Mrs. Qamra AL-Qahtani in December 2009.

3-      Exhibition held by Qamraa Al-Qahtani at King Faisal Specialist Hospital entitled spinabifida in children in March 2010.

4-      Obesity and its impact on the cardiovascular system, measurements conducted by Dr. Afaf Shaheen, Dr. Salwa Al-Sobkey, and Dr. Amaal Imbrahim in March 2010.

5-      Exhibition as part of the Autism Awareness Day in April 2010.

6-      Women's Health Day held by the physical therapy department under the supervision of Dr. Salwa Al-Sobkey and Mrs. Jawaher al-Aqeel which included lectures and an exhibition conducted by level 7 students in May 2010.

7-      Rehabilitation Department Open Day in June 2010.  

§ committees curricular activity by students under the supervision:
D. Hana way (for the cultural activity)
A. Meet Al-Otaibi (Commission social activity)
A. Munira Ahudab (management activity)

§ has been adopted plan of activity for this year which include cultural activities (contests, symposia), and social activities (celebrations, programs and visits)

§ activities that have been built so far:

  1. . The ceremony acquaintance definition sections:
    The celebration started with any of the above then the wise words of his agent d college. Happy custom, followed by the word d pilot activities. Hana way. It was then defined sections College represented by each section. Thus tea ceremony.
  2. Lecture "ten days" given by Dr.. Happy custom on Tuesday 2/10/2007 m
  3. Lecture "Tarafinh money from knee pain" given by Dr.. Hana way on Tuesday 6/11/2007 m
  4. Lecture "fat in our meals" delivered by Hla Alra_an Nutrition Specialist Hospital, King Khalid Eye specialist on Tuesday 13/11/2007 M.
  5. A visit to the "Dska" on Sunday 11/11/2007 M.
  6. Awareness Week with a diabetes 10 - 14 / 11/2007 m
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