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Dr. Shamweel Ahmad, Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology in (College of Medical Sciences in Al-Kharj) King Saud University, presented a lecture entitled

 Swine Flu (H1N1)" "

In Middle East International School, Al-Kharj. Those who attended where students and their parents, teachers and doctors from different hospitals and primary health care centers in Al-Kharj. Different aspects of the swine flu were discuused especially transmission, risk factors, prevention and infection control measures were discussed in detail.


  Dr. Shamweel Ahmad also presented a lecture entitled

 "Communicable diseases-Transmisson,

Prevention and control measures"

 in Salah Aldeen Secondary School, Al-Kharj on 21 July 2009 (29/07/1430), Those who attended the lecture were students from Al-Kharj and Al-Zulfi City,, teachers from different Secondary schools and committees from Ministry of Training and Education, Al-Kharj and Al-Zulfi.  


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